Public Safety

Keeping the 50th Ward safe

Debra works closely with the local police to combat crime and keep the 50th Ward safe. She takes all safety concerns very seriously and wants to partner with you to keep this community a safe place to raise a family. Debra has always been a partner to the police. She has helped bring dozens of additional officers to the 50th Ward and has organized multi-jurisdictional public safety activities between the Chicago Police, Evanston Police and Cook County Sheriff’s Office. These first-of-their-kind joint taskforces allowed the police officers to cut through much of the red tape and pursue criminals across municipal borders.

The 50th Ward is one of the safest communities in the City of Chicago, and Debra is committed to making sure it stays that way. Understanding that crime doesn’t recognize borders, she has partnered with law enforcement to help organize several multi-jurisdictional operations—bringing together officers from Chicago, Skokie, Lincolnwood, Evanston, and Cook County. She has also partnered with the local police and with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office for public safety town hall meetings, catalytic converter marking events, and other vital public safety initiatives.
Being a police officer is an extremely difficult job. Officers deal with stress, trauma, and long work hours. Debra has supported vital legislation that would increase police officers’ access to mental health care, guarantee them access to stable work schedules, and ensure they have the support they need to keep our community safe.
Debra has always been a partner to the police in keeping the 50th Ward safe. She believes that we need more officers on the streets and that we are all served when law enforcement officials have the resources they need to do their jobs. She works closely with the local commanders and with the police leadership to make sure the 50th Ward stays a safe place to live, work, and raise a family.