Your voice at City Hall

Debra works hard as your representative in the City Council. She has spearheaded vital legislation that has improved safety and quality of life in the City of Chicago. She strictly opposes any property tax hikes, and has a budget voting record to prove it. Debra’s main job is to represent you in the City Council. She believes strongly that the function of a government is to reflect the voice of the people – so she needs to hear from you. She is always seeking the opinions of her constituents about new and existing Chicago ordinances and laws.

The 50th Ward has many unique and beautiful homes. Home owners contribute deeply to the social, economic, and communal life of the neighborhood and help make the 50th the greatest ward in the City of Chicago. Debra believes strongly that property owners should not bear the full burden of paying for city services. In an effort to keep taxes low, she has voted against any budget that includes a property tax increase. She also holds regular tax appeal workshops at her office to make sure you only pay your share of the proeprty tax burden.
Chicago is a world-class city, but we can only enjoy this cultural and economic powerhouse when our communities are safe from violence and crime. Debra has been a voice for the police at City Council. She has supported vital legislation increasing access to mental health care for first responders and has voted to give law enfocement the resources it needs to keep the 50th Ward safe. She has also acted to curb illegal guns and ban dangerous weapons of war such as automatic rifles and bump stocks.
Workers are the backbone of our economy and they deserve all the necessary protections they need to keep our city running. Debra has sponsored and supported vital legislation protecting our city's workers, including raising the minmum wage, ensuring employees receive paid sick leave, guaranteeing stable work schedules, and establishing an Office of Labor Standards to oversee city workers’ rights.
We rely on city workers to trim our trees, clean our streets, toss the garbage, and perform countless other services that keep the City of Chicago running. Debra has supported increasing funding for city service to cut down wait times and get the city running more efficiently. Quicker rodent baiting, street paving, and other services have had a direct impact on the quality of life of 50th Ward residents.