Who We Are

Working together to keep our community safe & beautiful

Debra Silverstein has been Alderman of the 50th Ward since 2011 and has enjoyed the support of her community as she works to improve our neighborhood.

As Alderman, she is dedicated to ensuring the safety of the 50th Ward. She works closely with the local police commanders and with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office to make sure law enforcement have all the resources they need to keep the neighborhood a safe place to live, work, and raise a family.

Highlights of Debra’s first three terms as Alderman include her commitment to improving the safety, beauty, and economic strength of the 50th Ward. Working with the community, she built a beautiful, new state-of-the-art library at Pratt & Western, revitalized our business district with the Devon Avenue Streetscape, brought millions of dollars to local public schools, and added new and improved parks to the neighborhood.

Please join the campaign to help make sure the 50th Ward remains the best neighborhood in the City of Chicago!